Client:Department of the Army - NAFT
Location :Ft. Benning, Georgia
Budget :$3,495,120
Architect :Hicks Nation Architects
Completion :January 1995

Ft. Benning Automotive Skills Development Center

Ft. Benning Auto Skills Center is a 25,400 sf facility constructed by Ajax for the U.S. Army MWR (Morale, Welfare and Recreation) Command located in Columbus, GA. The facility consists of 42 work bays, retail space, tool storage, instructional classroom space, a full service self contained paint spray booth, office space and all necessary supporting spaces. The work bays include (22) General Working Bays, (3) Tune-up Bays, (4) Bodywork Bays, (1) Welding Bay, (2) Quick-Lube Bays, (2) MUFfler/Tail Pipe Bays, (2) Air Conditioning Bays, (2) Tire Shop Bays, (1) Engine Cleaning Bay, and (1) Major Repair Bay. Also included were a centrally located, fully automated new oil and lubrication distribution system as well as an equally automated used or waste oil collection system. The holding tank is located separately from the main building but connected by underground piping for transporting the waste material from the working bays to the tank for ultimate collection and shipping off site to a recycling center. All services available at the various bays are provided from a system of overhead reels leaving the floor space open and unobstructed.