Client:Pinellas County Schools
Location :St. Petersburg, FL
Budget :$6,837,175
Architect :Hoffman Architects
Completion :August 2020

Pinellas County Schools Northeast High School Renovations

This project will involve the creation of a brand-new lobby, renovation of the current auditorium, remodeling all the classroom interiors and hallways in Building 17, as well as re-roofing Building 17. The Media Center in Building 26 will receive new lights, ceiling, flooring and the partitions will be removed like at Lakewood High School. The Courtyard will be re-graded to remove standing water and correct drainage issues. This project will also include some civil work at the campus in specific areas, waterproofing of the stadium bleachers to stop water intrusion to locker rooms and the weight room and an entire HVAC replacement.

CURRENT STATUS (as of 4/10/2020)

Stadium: The scope of work at the Stadium is to re-waterproof the structure. All of the bleachers were removed and the existing caulk joints have been removed and replaced. The traffic coating mockup was reviewed and signed off. Currently the traffic coating is being applied and is approximately 33%.

Building 17 Phase 1: The scope of work in Building 17 is to perform selective demolition throughout the classrooms and corridors and provide new flooring, paint, ceilings, re-roof, light fixtures and HVAC. Selective interior demolition is complete. HVAC chilled water piping rough-in is completed. HVAC ductwork is on-going and scheduled to be completed the week of 4/6/20. Overhead electrical rough-in is complete. Ceiling grid is scheduled to begin the week of 4/6/20. The existing roof curbs in Phase 1 have been removed and patched. Re-roofing is scheduled to begin on 4/6/20.

Building 2 (Auditorium): The scope of work in Building 2 is to perform selective demolition throughout and provide new auditorium flooring, seats, acoustical panels, paint, lights, ceilings, lobby restrooms, re-roof, extend the lobby entry and provide a new entry canopy. Interior demolition is complete. The exterior wall demolition at the bathrooms was completed on 4/3/20. New foundation work for the new entry started on 3/30/20.