Client:Pinellas County Schools
Location :Pinellas County, Florida
Budget :$8,520,301
Architect :BRPH Architect-Engineers (Design-Build)
Completion :

Pinellas County Schools Busing Transportation Centers

Ajax and BRPH Architect-Engineers provided Design-Build services for the Pinellas County Schools Busing Transportation Centers, a multi-site project. This work was completed meet Pinellas County School’s expanded bussing needs for the Choice Initiative. The following facilities were part of this project:

49th Street Bus Compound
The 49th Street Compound was a replacement facility built on a 10-acre site.  The compound has a new 25,000 square foot service building which replaced the existing service building that remained operational during construction. The complex includes a 10-bay garage, parking for 217 buses and 235 vehicles, underground diesel tanks, 2-story administrative offices, driver’s lounge, materials warehousing, a fuel dispensing complex, vehicle wash rack, shower and locker facilities, security fencing, lights & cameras and electronic gate control.

Tarpon Springs Bus Compound
The Tarpon Springs Bus Compound Redesign included a single bay garage and parking for 50 buses and 80 vehicles. Also included was a fueling island, vehicle wash rack, security fencing, lights and cameras and electronic gate control.

High Point Bus Compound
The work provided a temporary solution for bus routing and maintenance operations until a new site could be obtained.  It included the reconfiguration of parking lots for bus staging, establishment of minor maintenance facilities for oil changes and service checks, refurbishment of office space for route coordinators, construction of parts storage, installation of tanks and equipment for fueling operations and the construction of a bus driver training course.

St. Petersburg High School Bus Loop Expansion
The project consisted of demolition of the existing parking lot and curbs, relocating the existing bicycle storage area, adding new curbing, paving, and striping, relocating existing light poles and providing new fencing.

St. Petersburg High School Parking Lots & PE Fields
This project consisted of the reconstruction of over 400 parking spaces with interconnecting drives, architectural entranceway features, acceleration/deceleration lanes on nearby streets and the construction of approximately five acres of Physical Education Playfields for St. Petersburg High School including associated landscaping and irrigation.