Client:Hillsborough County Schools
Location :Tampa, Florida
Budget :$5,000,000
Architect :Wilder Architecture, Inc.
Completion :August 2016

Hillsborough County Schools Alonso High School

This project consisted of three primary components:

(1) The addition of a two-story, 20 classroom building.
(2) An expansion to the existing cafeteria, doubling the occupancy.
(3) Interior renovations to the Administration Building.

The classroom building addition was placed in an existing parking lot, then connected to the existing campus with covered walkways and a second floor bridge. To support the new building, an expansion of the existing Central Energy Plant was necessary. As a result, ice storage tanks were added to the current chilled water system to handle the increased load from the new air conditioning system.

Construction did overlap with the school year throughout the spring of 2016. This called for a construction plan that properly isolated all construction activities from the students, staff, and visitors to ensure a safe and clean area.



Substantial completion was reached and Certificate of Occupancy was issued on 7/25/16. Substantial Completion Punchlist work is ongoing.