Client:Florida Gulf Coast University
Location :Ft Myers, Florida
Budget :$32,020,300
Architect :Walker Parking Consultants (1), Harvard Jolly Architects (2,3 & B)
Completion :June 2011

Florida Gulf Coast University Parking Garages

The FGCU Parking Garage 1 was the first parking garage facility the University had undertaken. It is located just south of the new Student Services Building and adjacent to the future School of Hospitality Management. This facility helped alleviate the past parking situation by adding 671 spaces within a 60,000 SF footprint. The actual structure consists of 1 ground level and 3 elevated decks.

FGCU Parking Garage 1 is a precast structure supported on a spread footing foundation system. Soils below were augmented by a process known as Vibro Stone Replacement. There is one elevator with 2 stair towers at opposite ends of the building.

The FGCU Parking Garage 2 is a 5-tier project that totaled 300,000 square feet of parking space. Located within the Florida Gulf Coast University boundaries, the parking garage will safely hold 990 vehicles.

This building contains a ground floor and 3 elevated levels. The total floor size is equal to approximately 240,000 square feet and can accommodate up to 785 cars. This garage has one elevator and two stairways. The structure is made of pre-cast concrete totaling over 4oo individual pieces, trucked and set in nearly eight weeks.

FGCU Student Housing Parking Garage B is approximately 311,699 square feet and can accommodate up to 1200 cars. This 6-story garage has two elevators and two stairways and includes LED lighting throughout.

This was the fourth garage FGCU has undertaken with Ajax. The 1st was contracted thru a selective bidding process while the subsequent 3 have been contracted thru a design build contracting arrangement. Each garage has been somewhat of a prototype with each starting with the same footprint and adding or subtracting levels based on location and potential use.