Client:Dade City
Location :Dade City
Budget :$5,931,842
Architect :Wannemacher Jensen Architects
Completion :March 2016

Dade City, New City Hall & Police Station

The new City Hall and Police Department were constructed as two separate state-of-the-art facilities in the City’s historic downtown area.  The buildings were joined by a focal entry canopy that rises above both structures, on the same site where City Hall once stood, but was torn down because of safety concerns.  Elements included City Commission chambers, administrative offices, a new 911 dispatch room, secure CSI storage and records, as well as a police sally port and secure holding cells and processing areas.

The site offered some interesting challenges.  The ten foot change in elevation from East to West presented some interesting challenges and unique solutions.  The building entries were stair-stepped to accommodate this feature.  Additionally, an existing city street was vacated for full site development.  Structural brick walls facing public streets were made to mimic the red brick facades of the surrounding historic buildings.

The 22,957 total square foot facility broke ground in January of 2015 and was completed in about a year.