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STO Building Group is proud to have in place a compliance & ethics helpline that is available 24/7 and operated by an independent third party. The helpline provides a confidential avenue for individuals to ask questions or voice concerns, whether they are employees, business partners, clients, or members of the community.

By encouraging open dialogue, our helpline enables anyone to speak up regarding potential misconduct or ethical issues. Our commitment to maintaining a strong ethical culture means that every report received is taken seriously. The helpline ensures that no matter who you are, your voice will be heard, and together we can uphold the highest standards of integrity and accountability.

Our helpline can be reached as follows:


compliancehelpcenter.comGo to

Call toll-free:

  • 800.461.9330 in the US
  • 1.800.235.6302 in Canada
  • 1800.904.177 in Ireland
  • 0808.189.1053 in the UK