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Gifts & Entertainment


Gifts & Entertainment

When exchanging gifts or entertainment with clients and business partners, Ajax does so openly and transparently, in accordance with the law, the policies of all parties involved, and our ethical standards. We avoid exchanging any gifts or entertainment that could raise conflict of interest concerns or suggest an attempt to improperly influence or other impropriety.

Ajax permits employees to offer, provide, or accept gifts or entertainment with clients or business partners according to the following general guidelines:

• All gifts and entertainment must align with legal requirements and adhere to the policies of all parties involved.
• Gifts and entertainment must always be appropriate and should never be given to improperly influence or appear to improperly influence the recipient.
• Cash and cash equivalents are generally prohibited.
• Gifts or entertainment must never be solicited from business partners or clients.
• In addition to the requirements above, gifts and entertainment may not exceed certain thresholds without specific authorization.