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Gifts & Entertainment


Gifts & Entertainment

Ajax wants all of its clients and stakeholders to assess and award us business solely on the quality of the services we provide. We hold our subcontractors, suppliers, and other business partners to the same standard.

We avoid providing gifts or entertainment to clients or potential clients, or receiving gifts or entertainment from business partners or potential business partners, when doing so would improperly influence a business decision.

Ajax permits employees to receive or provide gifts, meals, or entertainment (“Corporate Hospitality”) as an accepted aspect of building business relationships according to the following general guidelines:

  • Corporate Hospitality must be reasonable and proportionate given the business relationship
  • Corporate Hospitality may never be given or received when doing so may improperly influence, or appear to improperly influence, the business decisions of an involved party
  • Employees may never provide or receive Corporate Hospitality as part of a quid pro quo (offered for something in return) or to obtain an improper advantage
  • Cash or cash equivalents, include gift cards or gift certificates, are never permitted
  • An Ajax employee must be present during a meal or entertainment. Otherwise, it is considered a gift and must satisfy the requirements of gift giving/receiving
  • Because gift giving and receiving raises unique anti-corruption concerns, in addition to the requirements above, gifts may not exceed a fair market value of $100 without specific authorization