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Florida State University Student Union - Ajax Building Company
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Florida State University Student Union

The evolution of Student Unions at universities and colleges has transformed campuses across the country by providing students the opportunity to gather, study, socialize, and exchange ideas to enhance their overall college experience. This project will provide new space and renovate existing space for the FSU Oglesby Student Union to create a social and academic collaborate space for the students.

The existing facility consists of six connected buildings constructed at different times starting in 1940, nearly 80 years ago. Due to their age, condition and functionality, the entire complex will be upgraded and improved to modernize the existing Student Union. New meeting spaces, recreation/entertainment, banquet, lounge, offices, and administrative spaces will be constructed. Food service and retail magnet spaces will also be incorporated. Replacement of student government spaces, student organization spaces, and collaborative lounge spaces are anticipated. The Project will promote the renewal of an active campus hub by providing a state of the art space for student use, along with supporting services to encourage increased relational and collaborative use of the Union as the heart of the student events.

FSU has provided a website for students to track the new union’s progress. Also, there is a webcam monitoring the ongoing project process, thanks to Erdman Video Systems, Inc.

You can also take a virtual tour thanks to our Matterport camera. Upon opening, you will be standing on the east side of North Woodward Ave looking to the north at the North Woodward Gate masonry arch. Across the bottom of the screen, you will see the preview reel and the play button for the virtual walkthrough. Once you hit the “play button”, the walkthrough will: pan around to face south, continue south along the west side of the project site until you reach the Integration Statue. Upon reaching the Integration Statue, progress east along Legacy Walk on the south side of the project site. Upon passing the south east corner of the project site, progress north along the east side of the project site to reach Moore Auditorium and the Davis Building (ending in the breezeway outside the food court entrance at the Davis Building).


Florida State University


Tallahassee, FL




Architects: Lewis + Whitlock / Workshop (J.V)