Client:Charlotte County Board of Commissioners
Location :Punta Gorda, Florida
Budget :$16,119,613
Architect :Sweet Sparkman Architects
Completion :November 2020

Charlotte County Justice Center Renovation

The existing Justice Center, originally completed in 1999, currently consists of a five-story building interconnected with a three-story building.  The purpose of the project is to meet the needs of the county in the coming years through efficient designs and construction, along with technology.  Most typical justice center functions are currently housed on site including Circuit and County Courts, Court Administration, Clerk of Courts, State Attorney, Public Defender, Sheriff’s Civil Office and Court Security, and other support functions such as Jury Assembly, Law Library, and public waiting and vending areas.

The renovations/remodeling will be accomplished while keeping the Justice Center open and in operation. High levels of security will be maintained throughout the construction, with minimal disruption to existing court functions and activities. Due to court operations, some construction work is anticipated to occur at night and on weekends.  The initial phase of construction will include the relocation of the County Records to an off-site location, enhanced security improvements, additional courtrooms and holding cells, and interior relocation, as well as remodeling the existing Justice Center Departments.

The design and construction will incorporate LEED “green” building concepts into the project where practicable.  In addition, Building Information Modeling (BIM), 3D Modeling will be utilized throughout the project.

CURRENT STATUS (as of 4/29/2020)

Task 4 Jury Room is in final stages of completion. This month ceiling grid and tile was placed, all casework set, restroom fixtures and accessories were completed. All MEP trim out was done, storefront and windows installed. We are have started in the final 2 Phases of the project, Task 3- Court Rooms and Task 6-Public Defenders with both areas are phased in hald with all demo completed, PD area is completely framed, door frames set and HVAC duct work and VAV’s set. Task 3 Court rooms has demo completed, interior framing started and HVAC duct work has been hung. All the work is scheduled to be done at night so we have be split our staff. Task 7-Generator foundations started in April however some uncharted power lines were found so we are working with FP & L to work around the situation and will continue on in May. Generator not schedule to be on-site until August. Almost all of the final work is around existing occupied spaces so we will be doing a of of the renovation work at night.