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Supplier Code


Supplier Code

Ajax’s commitment to uncompromising integrity and transparency extends to the companies with which we do business and the communities in which we work.

Ajax expects its suppliers and their employees to commit to our Supplier Code as a condition of doing business. Suppliers are encouraged to report any suspected misconduct involving or affecting Ajax to their company representative, Ajax’s Compliance Department, or our third-party reporting hotline.

Suppliers are also responsible for providing their vendors, sub-suppliers, and subcontractors with Ajax’s Supplier Code and ensuring that they operate according to its terms.

Key principles for suppliers include:

  • Having a formalized system that allows employees to report their concerns, any possible violation of supplier policy, and any possible violation of the Supplier Code, without fear of retaliation
  • Having a system for workers to report health and safety incidents, and to investigate and track such incidents
  • Complying with Ajax corporate safety manuals
  • Being bound by the same anti-corruption and conflict-of-interest provisions of Ajax’s Code of Conduct and Business Ethics as if they were directly employed by the company
  • Having and enforcing policies that prohibit providing and receiving improper benefits
  • Maintaining accurate and complete records and documentation of all work performed for or with Ajax
  • Sharing Ajax’s commitment to providing opportunities to M/WBEs and DBEs and abiding by our policies when performing M/WBE or DBE work
  • Protecting the confidentiality of Ajax and client information
  • Not engaging in collusive bidding, price discrimination, anti-competitive behavior, and other unfair trade practices