Bidder Pre-qualification Information

As standard policy, Ajax requires that all prospective subcontractors and vendors successfully complete our bidder pre-qualification process on a “project specific” basis prior to receiving consideration as a qualified bidder.

This pre-qualification process provides assurances that the project will be staffed with a team of construction professionals that can provide the expertise, manpower and resources required to successfully deliver all project requirements.  This pre-qualification process also assures qualified bidders that they will be competing for project scope packages on a level playing field with peers of similar qualification.

In order to become pre-qualified as an approved bidder for one of Ajax’s projects, your firm is required to submit a completed Bidder Qualifications Questionnaire for review and approval. All pre-qualification efforts should be coordinated directly with our project team members identified in the project information below.

NOTE: Prospective bidders must successfully complete Ajax Building Corporation’s pre-qualification process on a “project specific” basis.  It is strongly recommended that your firm retain an electronic copy of your completed Bidder Qualifications Questionnaire and all related attachments for future reference as this information must be submitted for each project that you pursue with Ajax.

For general questions regarding the bidder pre-qualification process, please contact Preconstruction at (850) 224-9571 or by e-mail.

For questions regarding how to become a pre-qualified bidder for a specific Ajax project, please contact our team members identified in the project information below.