Client:University of South Florida
Location :Tampa, Florida
Budget :$16,985,625
Architect :Alfonso Architects, Inc.
Completion :December 2008

University of South Florida Medical Office Building

The new USF Medical Office Building was built on the University of South Florida, Tampa Campus. The 106,000 SF building includes offices and training facilities to support USF Health and other medical related services. This building directly communicates with and is adjacent to the new USF Health Morsani Center for Advanced Healthcare where Ajax also provided Construction Management Services.

The Office Building is a structural steel framed structure with composite lightweight concrete decks. The modern exterior is composed of architectural pre-cast, glass curtain wall, and storefront. There are several iconic features to the building. The north façade is predominantly an expansive glass curtain wall framed inside of architectural pre-cast. Within this glass wall are five modular meeting rooms that protrude out from the glass wall.  These rooms are clad with a warm composite wood veneer and small windows set into a geometric sculptured wall made of highly polished Venetian plaster. The inside of the main entry is also clad with the composite wood veneer.  On the south side of the building, the precast façade and horizontal ribbons of storefront windows are broken up with a vertical span of glass curtain wall that also boldly protrudes from the building providing distinction from the horizontal glass ribbons of windows that surround the building on the east, west and south facades.

USF OSHA Sunshine State Safety Award Winner 2008