Client:University of Florida
Location :Gainesville, FL
Budget :$3,469,943
Architect :Rowe Architects, Inc.
Completion :August 2012

University of Florida Weimer Hall Expansion

The University of Florida Weimer Hall Expansion project was a design-build project. The existing facility, originally built in 1980 with significant additions completed in 1990 and 2001, houses the second largest undergraduate journalism program in the nation, with departments in Advertising, Public Relations, Journalism and Telecommunications. Weimer Hall is also home to the University Athletic Association’s GatorVision, the Radio Reading Service, and includes control and service spaces for four radio stations and two television stations which are operated by the College and give the students unparalleled opportunities for real-world experience.

The Expansion program included a comprehensive Integrated News Facility which serves as the central hub for all of the media content production in the College. The Integrated News Facility is controlled by a Central Assignment Desk, a “SuperDesk,” with team work pods arranged in a vibrant, interactive, collaborative space. Breakout rooms, faculty offices and production studios surround and feed this central hive of activity.