Client:University of Florida
Location :Gainesville, Florida
Budget :$16,910,051
Architect :Rowe Architects Incorporated
Completion :February 2002

University of Florida – Anderson and Keene-Flint Halls

This project involved the remodeling/restoration of two buildings on the University of Florida campus. The first, Flint Hall, was built in 1909 and was recently renamed Keene-Flint due to the generous donation by an alumnus of the University. The building was out of use since 1979 due to inadequate life safety systems. Anderson Hall, built in 1912, was damaged by a fire in 1978; since then, only 3 of the 4 floors have been in use.

The project involved remodeling both halls with an addition of a service tower to Flint Hall. The service tower includes restrooms, mechanical space and a large classroom at the ground level. Both halls provide space to accommodate teaching, research, faculty and staff offices. In addition, Flint Hall now includes a new staff library/lounge.

Anderson Hall houses the Political Science Department, with additional space for the Religion Department. Flint Hall primarily contains the History Department and the Chemistry Department.

Both projects received an award by the Florida Trust For Historic Preservation in 2002.