Client:University of Florida Health
Location :Gainesville, Florida
Budget :$1,398,216
Architect :Flad Architects, Inc.
Completion :February 2013

University of Florida Health 3rd Floor Women & Children’s Hospital Pre-Admit Renovation

This project was the first phase in preparation for the development of a new Level II NICU as well as a larger project to convert the first three floors into a facility strictly dedicated to the care of Women & Children. It included the complete demolition and renovation of selected areas of the 3rd floor sections 2, 3 & 4.

The first phase was the remodeling of existing spaces to create a waiting room, 5 private patient rooms, a nurses station and a PACU (Post anesthesia care unit). The elevator lobby was also remodeled to create the new updated look that Shands will be creating on each floor. The work had to be done in the occupied labor and delivery area. It had to be staged in phases so as not to interrupt any of their operations.

While working in an occupied hospital, infection control is of the utmost importance. Temporary barriers were installed which included a door with a closer, an anteroom along with another self closing door, negative air machines and a device that shows the presence of negative air at all times. Any work that was done in a ceiling outside of this area was completed inside of a portable enclosure.

All shutdowns of any system was scheduled in advance and any work requiring welding etc. required the approval of a hot work permit and a fire watch. Needless to say working in an occupied hospital must be approacsafety, awardhed in a very cautious and meticulous manner. Ajax has been working in occupied areas of Shands Hospital for the last 10 years.