Client:Pensacola State College
Location :Pensacola, Florida
Budget :$11,785,880
Architect :Florida Architects, Inc.
Completion :July 2020

Pensacola State College Baars Technology Building

This new facility will replace of the existing 60-year-old Mary Ellison Baars Building on the Pensacola campus. The new facility will be a partial three story steel framed building and house mathematics, computer science, cyber security, aviation maintenance, advanced manufacturing programs and other high-tech programs.  Also included will be the demolition of the existing Baars Building and site improvements, such as new utilities, storm drainage systems, parking areas and roadways, including the installation of a new entrance road, which will be initially used for a construction entrance.  Additionally, the site will also undergo new hardscaping, landscaping and irrigation. This will be a Green Building Initiative, with a target goal of Three Globes Certification which is equivalent to USGBC LEED Gold Certification.

The new facility will provide training for 200 – 300 new jobs coming to the region for an and aerospace engineering firm with the potential for expanding to 1,000 jobs.  In addition to housing high-tech programs, the new Baars Building also will provide space for a collaborative partnership with an adult learning and support program.

CURRENT STATUS (as of 5/8/2020)

In the month of April, the framing and ACT subcontractor completed working on finishing 1st floor and 2nd floor drywall to be ready for final coat of paint. They also completed installing cloud ceilings and ceiling tiles in 1st and 2nd floors. Metal wall panels installation is almost complete, caulking is in progress. The electrical subcontractor completed working on overhead rough in on 2nd floor. They also continued data cable installation on the 1st and 2nd floor. Permanent power is on in the building and the light is on in both the floors. The mechanical subcontractor completed insulating piping and grilles on the 2nd floors worked on controls on the 2nd floor as well. They also completed the installation of louvers and grills. Above ceiling inspection was completed in April. The epoxy floors installation in the restrooms are completed. Carpet and LVT to arrive on site first week of June. The waterproofing and painting contractor completed damp proofing window openings and the exterior envelope. Exterior caulking and final coat of paint is in progress. The glass & glazing subcontractor started installing interior glass in April.