Client:Margaret E. Wilson Foundation
Location :Tallahassee, Florida
Budget :$1,077,915
Architect :Barnett Fronczak Architects
Completion :July 1999

Goodwood Plantation

2002 Tallahassee-Leon County Historic Preservation Award

Originally constructed in 1837, the Goodwood Plantation covers some 19 acres and consists of 15 individual structures.

Phase I & II renovations took place in early 1996.  It included extensive exterior restorations to the Plantation’s centerpiece – the 8,400 SF, 13-Room Main House. Jubilee House, one of the Plantation’s Guest houses, was also renovated. It included interior renovations and new hardwood floors. The total cost for this portion of the project was $677,000 and was completed in 1996.

Ajax finished Phase III of the renovations to the main house which involved extensive interior renovations. The project involved taking careful measures to be to protect ornate fixtures and artwork that were part of the house. The cost for this portion of the work totals $400,915 and was completed in late 1999.