Client:Florida State University
Location :Tallahassee, Florida
Budget :$59,758,621
Architect :Bohlin Cywinski Jackson Architects
Completion :December 2019

Florida State University, Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences Building

Florida State University’s (FSU) Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Science (EOAS) facility is a 7-story, reinforced-concrete building that totals approximately 136,000 square feet and is located on a rather conspicuous site at the North Gateway to FSU. The exterior façade consists of traditional Florida State masonry and clay-tile roofing as well as large elevations of modern curtain wall and metal siding.

FSU’s department of Earth Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences encompasses the Geology, Meteorology, and Oceanography programs. Currently, these programs are in separate buildings on campus; The EOAS Building brings them together under one roof.

Like other academic science buildings, a key goal was to create a facility that will support a variety of learning environments for decades to come. There are computer, teaching, and research based laboratories, as well as a few specialized laboratories, lounge spaces, a 280 seat auditorium, and even a rooftop terrace for Meteorology observation. All of the labs have a combination of piped services including hot and cold water, high-purity water, compressed air, vacuum, and natural gas. The laboratories are designed with an open-lab concept with many modular pieces of casework and furniture, allowing future modification as well as ease of ongoing maintenance.

The EOAS building, with its bold exterior, 100-year construction, state of the art facilities, and flexible usage, will certainly be a valuable asset and landmark on FSU’s campus for many years to come.