Client:Duval County Public Schools
Location :Jacksonville, Florida
Budget :$15,004,318
Architect :Bhide & Hall Architects
Completion :September 2015

Duval County Public Schools Douglas Anderson School of the Arts

Douglas Anderson School of the Arts High School, built in 1922 and expanded in 2001, is located on a 12.08 acre site. This project built a new Classroom/Cafeteria building, repurposed the existing cafeteria space, renovated a few existing classrooms, and removed all 13 existing portable classrooms from the campus. The overall school capacity increased from an existing capacity of 1,169 students to 1,327 students. Some aspects of the project include the following:

New Cafeteria/Classroom building construction was approximately 61,520 GSF and included outdoor dining and a la carte station, 13 general classrooms and 7 science labs along with new parking areas (110 spaces), driveways, and related storm water drainage and retention upgrades. The cafeteria component is also a hurricane/hardened emergency shelter that can provide for 300+ occupants in times of emergency activation.

Renovation and Remodeling impacted approximately 8,507 NSF of existing spaces and included remodeling (Building # 14) the existing cafeteria into a dance studio with associated spaces (dressing and storage rooms), remodeling (Buildings #11 and #12) existing 4 science rooms into 2 general classrooms , one costume and lighting lab and one computer lab, as well as HVAC upgrades to existing classroom building (Building # 15).

Existing Campus site improvements and other project upgrades included for campus wide drainage improvements, new stormwater retention  pond and new chiller/mechanical building to service the new cafeteria/classroom building and a portion of the remodeled and renovated spaces.