Client:City of Daytona Beach
Location :Daytona Beach, Florida
Budget :$21,018,680
Architect :Hawkins & Hall (Daytona Beach) and Wilson Estes Police Architects (Mission, KS)
Completion :November 2008

City of Daytona Beach Police Facility

The new 3-story, 98,000 SF Daytona Beach Police Facility houses administrative offices, conference rooms, a community room for special meetings, holding cells, evidence rooms, a K-9 training area, a garage unit to process vehicles used in crimes and a crime lab for preliminary DNA testing. One of the most unique features of the crime lab is a row of narrow showers called “blood rooms” where blood-stained clothes collected at crime scenes can be hung to dry. The Facility also houses Daytona Beach’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) which serves as the “nerve center” during emergencies. Working space is provided for all disaster response support functions and representatives of the area. An audio-visual system, integrated with the EOC’s computer network, has the capability to keep the emergency staff current on developing situations during emergencies while also providing an excellent training facility with many different applications.

Daytona Police Ribbon Cuttingsafety, award

Ajax featured in Orlando Business Journal.