Client:University of North Florida
Location :Jacksonville, Florida
Budget :$5,954,170
Architect :Baker Barrios Architects
Completion :August 2014

University of North Florida Osprey Clubhouse & Pool Facility

The UNF Osprey Clubhouse and Pool Facility is a 2-story facility comprised of common spaces that offers housing amenities to the resident student population. The project provides a Pool facility and building spaces for a Game Lounge, Laundry and Kitchen areas, as well as Office, Multi-Purpose Media Rooms, Storage, Elevated Balconies, Restrooms and Electrical/Mechanical Rooms interconnected by corridors, stairs and an elevator. The total Area is estimated at 15,044 SF.

The site work phase requires demolition of existing structures and relocation of underground utilities, new HVAC chillers, relocation of an existing emergency generator, set a new building pad, pave the existing parking and rework related parking structures.