Client:Arvida/ A St. Joe Company
Location :Tallahassee, Florida
Budget :$565,699
Architect :Elliot Marshall Innes
Completion :June 2001

SouthWood House and Sales Center

2002 Tallahassee-Leon County Historic Preservation Award

The SouthWood House is a grand residence with a rich and colorful history. St. Joe enlisted the help of Ajax Building Corporation to begin the intricate historical restorations of the 5,200 SF wood frame house. The initial task was to perform asbestos abatement and demolition of all existing mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. Ajax then installed new wall systems to create office space, a fire sprinkler system, new electrical service including wiring, devices and lights and new plumbing systems. A fire escape staircase with wheelchair lift system was added to bring the building up to ADA standards. The installation of new hardwood floors, ceramic tile, and kitchen equipment, including a hood suppression system, improved the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the house. Although the SouthWood House today functions as a sales center, it remains a beautiful reminder of how a historical structure can be carefully restored, preserved and then utilized.

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