Client:University of Florida Health
Location :Gainesville, Florida
Budget :$3,645,466
Architect :Flad & Associates
Completion :September 2006

University of Florida Health 11-4 ICU Patient Room Renovations

The 11-4 ICU Patient Room Renovation consisted of a renovation of existing patient rooms to a new 18,500 square-foot, 24-bed medical intensive care unit.

It is located on the eleventh floor of the Hospital at the University of Florida. The new unit contains 24 private patient rooms, as well as nurse’s charting stations for each pair of rooms. The core of the unit also contains a centralized nurse station along with several miscellaneous support rooms attached. One of the major challenges facing the project was a highly compressed schedule, taking just seven months to complete.

Access to the renovation area was also a challenge. For this reason, a personnel and material buck hoist was erected at the south end of the Hospital in order to provide access to the area. This provided the construction area with complete isolation from the remaining hospital population. By conducting access into the renovation space in this manner, a higher level of care could be taken in limiting exposure of the construction process to patients, staff and visitors.