Client:Hillsborough County Schools
Location :Tampa, Florida
Budget :$4,664,174
Architect :John McKenna Architects, P.A.
Completion :April 2019

Hillsborough County Schools Robinson High School Classroom Addition

The project (completed three weeks early) consisted of an 12,897 SF, single story, 12-classroom addition to the existing Robinson High School campus and a new parking lot with Driver’s Education course. The building was designed to incorporate campus architecture themes with brick facades and large fascia sections. The buildings have masonry interior and exterior walls with a structural steel framed raised central clerestory sections in two corridors for increased natural lighting. The classrooms have two exits which allow for the use of large, full height glass interior and exterior windows. Air cooled chillers provide chilled water to the variable air volume units in each classroom. The building was outfitted with two computer / testing labs, LED light fixtures and has state of the art “smart” short throw projectors provided for each classroom. The building is located adjacent the main entry of the school and is flanked by ten majestic live oaks to be preserved.

This project was not registered with LEED, but was designed and built according to LEED guidelines.  This involved the use of high efficiency mechanical systems, LED lighting, low VOC products and a focus on using materials with regional and recycled content.