Client:New College of Florida
Location :Sarasota, Florida
Budget :$3,000,000
Architect :Rowe Architects, Inc.
Completion :August 2015

New College of Florida Jane Cook Library Phase IV

This scope of the project consisted of Interior Renovations of Phases III and IV areas of the Jane Bancroft Cook Library for New College of Florida.  A small area previously known as Phase 3 (Lobby) was previously broken out for an earlier phase of completion and the remaining balance of the Phase 3 area was then grouped with Phase 4 for execution during the summer of 2015. These two areas of the library consist of the main library area and book stack area as well as class rooms and some office space.  The Scope of the renovations included full ceiling removal and replacement with new HVAC and Lighting systems, removing and installing new Air Handler Units in roof top penthouses and miscellaneous architectural renovations.  The renovations included provisions for partitioning off the work areas from the remainder of the library which will remain open.  The book shelving and books needed to remain in place. As the work above them took place, there was protection, scaffolding and temporary climate control in place to protect the books.