Client:College of Charleston
Location :Charleston, South Carolina
Budget :$4,450,340
Architect :McMillan Pazdan Smith, LLC
Completion :May 2020

College of Charleston Sottile Theatre Renovation

The Sottile Theatre at the College of Charleston was originally built in 1927 as the state’s largest theatre.

This renovation will include not only the stage, but the backstage areas as well to improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of the space. Portions of the stage and backstage areas will be reconfigured to expand the usable stage and wing areas and increase accessibility to the backstage and wing areas for sets and performers.

To achieve this, walls will be removed, an exterior door added, and the rigging system, electrical lighting panel, conduit, piping, and basement stairway will be relocated. The current rigging system is antiquated, unsafe, and requires a certified technician to operate. It will be replaced with a safer modern system that is considered an industry standard, the use of which will allow theatre students to learn a marketable skill for the job market. Shallow foundation and columns will be added in the basement to increase the stability of the structure. Roof truss structure above stage will be repaired after rigging load is disconnected from roof. A new fire curtain, fire door, and ramp will be installed. New fire protection equipment will be connected to fire alarm panel. The stage floors will be replaced, the plaster ceilings will be repaired, and the HVAC system will be modified. New front-of-house stage lighting positions will be installed.

CURRENT STATUS (as of 5/8/20)

First round of inspections occurred on 4/7. Punch correction ongoing and some additional stage floor work has been identified.