Client:Clemson University
Location :Clemson, South Carolina
Budget :$19,000,000
Architect :Moseley Architects
Completion :July 2021

Clemson University Lehotsky Hall Renovation

This project, anticipated to start later this summer, will be the renovation of 94,000 SF for the College of Architecture, Forestry and Environmental Sciences and the Department of Parks, Rec, & Tourism Management. Lehotsky Hall was originally built in 1974 with two floors and a walk-in basement that was completed in 1989 and now has 9 wet labs.

The renovations will include a new HVAC system, structural reinforcements, a fully automated sprinkler system, electrical, plumbing, building envelope and ADA accessible features, information technology improvements, and moving about 30% of the walls to upgrade the aesthetic of the front entrance.The hall will not be occupied during these improvements and we will assist the college departments in moving temporarily to Sirrine Hall.