Client:City of Venice
Location :Venice, Florida
Budget :$9,714,242
Architect :Dewberry Architects, Inc.
Completion :July 2020

City of Venice Public Safety Facility

The City of Venice’s current police station was first built in 1990 and this new facility will incorporate innovations to meet the modern needs of its community. In the 26 years since the station was built, public safety has taken even more responsibility in response to an increase in active shooter scenarios.

The updated facility will allow these officers and first responders to react efficiently and effectively. It will include multipurpose rooms for training, emergency operations and a media briefing area; a public community room, evidence storage, forensic technology, and a data center for citywide IT services. The 30,000 square foot building will also be hardened to withstand Category 5 storms and winds up to 157 mph and will reside on 10 acres of secured grounds.


CURRENT STATUS (as of 5/8/20)

Site Work
Covered walkway canopy foundations and planters are complete. Venice Ave median is in progress. Impound lot and metal building in progress. Property line clearing for fencing in progress. Site lighting complete. Condensate lines are tied in. Storm water lines are filmed and complete.

Parapet coping cap in progress. Metal doors are installed. Interior glazing in progress. Drywall and FRP are complete. Ceramic tile continues. ACT installation began. Interior and exterior paint continues. Millwork is underway. Plumbing fixture installation began. Air conditioning and power are on in the building.