Government Facilities Receiving Improvements Have a Two-Fold Effect

In Tallahassee, in addition to the numerous new construction projects, there are also a lot of rehabilitation projects. One such improvements project is for the Florida Senate and House garages, which had been closed due to structural integrity issues caused by root damage. These issues have been mostly addressed at this point and construction completion is still slated for the late Fall of this year.

“Like the storm water management facility that we see as Cascades Park, this won’t be seen as a foundation and parking garage repair by the general public.  People will notice Capitol Memorial Plaza as a project to make their visit to the Florida capitol more comfortable and memorable. This, however, is merely a fortunate side effect of a necessary structural repair. Plans call for the replanting of more than 10 live oak trees throughout the plaza and 67 sabal palmetto trees, Florida’s State Tree, to honor each county in Florida but don’t stop there. Renderings show improved open plaza areas with additional gathering spaces, improved pedestrian circulation, new lighting, new landscaping and pads for the placement of monuments at various locations throughout the property.”

To read the full article in Urban Tallahassee, click HERE.