Duval County Robert E. Lee High School (Gold LEED Award Winner)

LOCATION: Jacksonville, FL
OWNER: Duval County Public Schools
BUDGET: $30,327,813
ARCHITECT: Rolland, DelValle, & Bradley, Inc.
COMPLETION DATE:Phase 1: August 2012, Phase 2: December 2012, Football & Parking Lot: April 2013

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The Robert E. Lee High School Project is a historic renovation and addition to one of Duval County Public Schools oldest schools which will remain an occupied campus throughout the entirety of the project. This project will be phased and consist of 110,000 SF of historic renovation and 35,000 SF of additional new space. As part of this work, Ajax will provide temporary modular facilities for the displaced students and staff, until the renovation is complete. This project, upon completion, will be the 2nd LEED Certified project Ajax has coordinated with DCPS.